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ZOK commissioned Matbold for brand strategy, visual identity and website creation for B2B brand relaunch

When the German Nordwest Industrie Group (NWI Group) in 2019 closed the deal to acquire ZOK - system, a Czech company with a 27 years history, it was clear that the company providing complex shop-fitting solutions to European retailers is about to write a new exciting chapter in its history.

The vision of further expansion in the existing and also the German and Austrian markets required a fresh look at the company’s brand strategy and corporate identity. The new CEO of ZOK - system, Michael Grohmann, approached Matbold for cooperation to create the company’s new vision for the 21st century.


„The cooperation with a result-driven client with a clear vision is rewarding and exciting. We took the task with enthusiasm and focused on discovering the company’s personality and core values to position it on the European market. ZOK is supporting great brands on their mission to inspire change and bring joy to people’s lives. It is exciting to be part of a significant turn-around for a company with such a long and successful history.“


Matija Vujović, Matbold CEO and Creative Director


Matbold’s team created new strategic positioning and messaging for the brand. The new logo and visual identity, and the new website presenting ZOK vision, products and solutions are the cornerstones of the new ZOK communication to their business partners.
Matbold is also creating a corporate video for the brand to deliver the message to business partners from the retail sector.


The relaunch of the brand is planned for Q3 2022. Both Matbold and ZOK - system are awaiting the increased clarity of the brand's commercial proposition, better communication with partners and a significant increase of brand awareness to reflect in the business results.