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Nanotechnology leader entrusted Matbold with a new packaging design.

Czech universities and companies are among the pioneers in the development and application of nanotechnologies in the world. In the first wave of the pandemic, we at Matbold let our capacities to the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry, chaired by Ing. Jiří Kůs, an ardent promoter of Czech nanotechnologies. The association is actively seeking support and opportunities for cooperation between the commercial and research sectors and creates the image of the Czech Republic as one of the world's nanotechnology incubators at the forefront of nanotechnology applications in the industry and the consumer products.


For the NanoSpace company, which Jiří Kůs founded, Matbold creates a new branding and packaging design. We are all familiar with nano masks or nano respirators. However, not everyone is aware that nanotechnologies are already a common part of many technologies and products of daily use. For allergy and asthma sufferers, the nanotechnologies are literally life-saving and providing restful sleep by preventing the growth of allergy-causing bacteria and mites.


For a range of NanoSpace anti-allergic bedding and linen, we have designed packaging that gives a touch of luxury. NanoSpace developed and manufactures a unique breathable and soft cotton with a nanofiber membrane.


Our packaging design is aiming at the customer who pays a premium price for these quality products with the latest technologies. We focused on product experience to begin at the unwrapping before the customer is pampered by the softness of the product. The packaging is made of both recycled cardboard and safe PVC. All types of packaging are designed to continue to serve - in the form of stackable boxes or drawers or practical bags for storing seasonal bedding. We equipped the small nano pillows with a playful cover, serving as a travel backpack.


We only slightly modified the NanoSpace logo with the traditional cobweb motif, that customer wanted to preserve. The graphic design of the packaging is modern and simple and at the same time allows easy identification of products and types of packaging for different sizes and styles of products.