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Waldo Photos. Another Great Collaboration in the USA.

We are thrilled to help another innovative mobile-first startup with digital branding and app UX/UI design. We have added yet another famous startup from Austin, Texas to our US portfolio next to our partners from LA, San Francisco, San Diego, and New York.




In 2018, Waldo Photo raised $9 million in two seed funding rounds. It is an AI-powered photo-finding intelligent platform for mobile-first photo delivery. The app uses a combination of facial, object and pattern recognition plus location awareness in order to match a photo taken at an event with a registered individual and then sends that photo directly to the individual’s phone. It saves professional event photographers' countless hours and opens new business opportunities.


The UX/UI solution we crafted at Matbold is streamlining the experience. The onboarding sign-up and event creation is made simple and attractive via a comic-like environment and clear messaging.


In march 2021 Waldo Photos has also patented a new copyright protection technology named FaceBlock with a goal to help professional photographers deliver proofs of their images to client’s smartphones for preview, without fear of images being screenshot and stolen.

“We’re really excited to help professional photographers protect their images in an increasingly mobile world while helping them sell more through automated mobile delivery of proofs. Our development of the FaceBlocker technology is a great tool when combined with our AI-powered mobile delivery,” said Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos


The ingenuine idea has been noticed by the professional press since the start.