A very happy meal

Mc Donalds

Online campaign for Happy Meal.

Website, Online Campaign
Food & Beverages, Hospitality
Czech Republic, Slovakia

Back to Nature, Back to You.

A very Happy Meal.

For McDonald's, our solution turned out larger and way more interactive than they first had asked for. The background is a campaign that they were about to launch over the summer, where those who purchase a Happy Meal also receive a free voucher to a number of aqua and adventure parks around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They asked for a simple "print-campaign-style" microsite explaining the function of the voucher and listing a map of where you could use them.

Dare to take a walk on the Wild Side?

We felt that a solution like that would put a whole lot of potential to waste. We started with a brief strategic overview of the brand and situation today, leading us to find a great window of opportunity. McDonald's is not, by Czech law, allowed to position themselves as a healthy role model, making the concept of pushing kids out there to play and be active a bit shady to communicate. However, they have always done their best to nurture children’s creativity - leading us to turn the whole "visit the aqua park" trip into a creative journey as well.

Our method of achieving this is through a concept that allows McDonald's to reach their target audience with repeated and welcomed emails, acting to grow McDonald's brand for a whole month. We constructed a microsite that lets kids send a virtual representation of the toy they receive in the Happy Meals on a "vacation", from where they will send digital postcards describing their adventures.

The places that the toy tells the user about are obviously imaginary ways to interpret the aqua and adventure parks, urging the kid to not just go take a swim - but to venture down the waterfall with made-up friends.