Capitol Grand

Capitol Grand

Wine label for the iconic Melbourne brand

Brand identity, Label design

Capitol Grand is a new icon of Melbourne, realized through the pioneering vision of LK Property Group and world-renowned architects Bates Smart. The elliptical forms of elegant simplicity deliver an unforgettable experience.

Apart from its architectural uniqueness, the building is home to many famous brands and restaurants. Omnia bistro is a hotspot for South Yarra food lovers. Since hospitality, catering, and events are the business of the LK Property Group subsidiary, LK Hospitality, the idea of creating a house brand of wine was a logical one. To be served at the restaurant as a delectable house wine and being a part of the branding package for the Capitol Grand building during events, catering, and supporting the retail tenants, our design team had a beautiful task to accomplish.

We admire the elegant iconic outlines, shapes, and finesse of the Capitol Grand building, and it was our primary source of inspiration. The feeling of crafted and special wine was translated into a fine, simple, and elegant label, featuring the hand-made drawing of the iconic building outlines and accompanied by an elegant, stately, and modern-classic typeface. The result is simple and understated, yet delivers the feeling of quality and glamour associated with the Capitol Grand Building - the creation of beauty.