Lordan Zafranović

Campaign for the retrospective of films directed by Lordan Zafranović

Event identity, Campaign
Arts & culture, Film
Czech Republic

Lordan Zafranović is a Czech–Croatian film director, and a major figure of the Yugoslav Black Wave. Zafranović belongs to the Prague wave, a generation of acclaimed Yugoslav directors who had studied at the Prague Film School (FAMU) around 1968. In his long and productive career, Zafranović succeeded in realizing his films without betraying his creative vision and professional ethos, against all odds. He has been praised as "one of the great masters of modernism" (Dina Iordanova), "one of the great masters of Yugoslav film", and "a Mediterranean classic whose films can be compared with those by Angelopoulos or Bertolucci.We've crafted visual identity, produced content and created campaign for a retrospective of his films held in Prague, Czech Republic with a headline "50 years between Prague and Balkans".